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In-house Full Body MRI

As a leader in modern medical technology in the North Alabama region, SportsMED is proud to feature theGE 450 W HD 1.5T state-of-the-art MRI imaging system.

GE 450 W HD 1.5T

fullbody-mriThe GE 450 W 1.5T is the only one of its kind in North Alabama. The new MRI system provides uncompromised, high quality imaging, reduced diagnostic time, and advanced functionality to make definitive diagnoses. In addition, the 450 W provides a wider bore diameter, acoustic reduction technology, and comfort-enhancing features all designed to help address common causes of patient anxiety.  The combination of cutting-edge technology and patient-embracing design features allows SportsMED to remain a leader in orthopaedic care.

SportsMED’s MRI department has also received the American College of Radiology Accreditation. For more information about this accreditation go to


If you are scheduled for and MRI scan, please note the following:

  • do not wear jewelry
  • do not arrive wearing clothing with metal buttons or metal embroidery


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