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Our schedule is designed to offer classes in all areas of fitness: cardio fitness, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance. It is important to note that although all classes offer a good workout, not all are designed to raise the heart rate significantly. All classes offered by SportsMED Fitness are intended to benefit members at all levels of fitness; you should always listen to your body and work at your own level. Our professional instructors offer modifications for many activities and you are always welcome to ask for modifications if they are not automatically given.

All lunchtime classes with the exception of Yoga, are 30 minute “express” classes  and all are taught at a basic or introductory level.

Abs/Glutes—The focus of this class is toning the abs and the glutes through a variety of exercises.

Basic Step--Step aerobics without complicated choreography.  This class is great for the beginner and the experienced stepper alike.

CardioBlast—A full range of heart rate raising, fat burning activities are incorporated into this class.  Activities change every few minutes and no two classes are quite the same. A sampling of activities might include jumping rope, very basic step aerobics, a segment of cycling, jogging in place or around the room, obstacle course activities and much more.

Cycling—The instructor leads this class through a bike ride with hills and valleys, very intense work and occasional “breaks”. Heart rate raising, fat burning cardio with leg toning as a bonus.

Kickboxing—The kicking and punching that comprises most of this class will raise your heart rate, burn body fat, and tone arms, legs and core. The class will be taught in a basic format with minimal choreography making it a great learning experience for beginners and a chance to perfect the basics for those with more experience.

Interval—Alternating cardio and strength training exercises throughout the class, always keeping your heart rate up and your muscles burning!

Sculpt—This class offers a full body toning and strength training workout. While you are definitely burning calories and your heart rate may rise, the goal of this class is “sculpt” the body you want to see in the mirror.

Step/Sculpt—Another class combining cardio and toning/strength training. This class may be taught in alternating 3 -5 minute intervals of step and toning or it may be taught as 20-30 minutes of step aerobics followed by toning and strength training work. Either format promises a full body workout.

Yoga—Our classes are “hatha” or physical yoga. While we do teach some focused breathing techniques, our goal is not meditation but instead using this ancient form of exercise to create a healthier body. Yoga incorporates various poses or “asanas” to strenthen, tone and stretch the body as well as to develop better balance.  This fitness yoga incorporates Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Ashtanga in a flowing style.

Yoga/Pilates—This class combines the whole body strengthening and stretching of yoga with the core strengthening exercises of Joseph R. Pilates. Many of the 33 basic Pilates mat exercises will be including either in the flow of the class or in a separate segment to help  you develop tighter abs and a stronger, healthier low back.

Zumba—Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.

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