For the protection of our patients, staff and physicians, if you are ill, have a fever or have been exposed to someone that is ill, we encourage you to call (256) 881-5151 to reschedule your appointment and/or use our virtual Telehealth appointment option.




At SportsMED, you have access to the most diverse group of fellowship-trained orthopedic specialists, within a single practice, in North Alabama.

Our physicians focus their skills exclusively on their area of orthopedic specialty, so patients see the right physician for their specific need. 

It’s our diverse group of orthopedic specialties that makes us unique, but it’s our dedication to improving the lives of our patients that sets us apart.


Orthopedic & Spine Services




Orthopedic Surgeons

H Cobb Alexander, M.D.
Matthew D. Clayton, M.D.
Dale Culpepper, M.D.
Brett Franklin, M.D.
Eric W. Janssen, M.D.
Troy A. Layton, M.D.
Jack W. Moore, M.D.
Randall Tindell, M.D.
Matthew T. Owen, M.D.

Spine Surgeons

Curt Freudenberger, M.D.
Javier A. Reto, M.D. 


Sanat Dixit, M.D.
John Johnson, Jr., M.D.

Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Beatriz Garcia-Cardona, M.D.
Matthew McDonald, M.D.

Hand Surgeons

John H. Walker, M.D.
Jonathan A. Ludwig, M.D.


Kristina Janssen Donovan, D.O.
Ryan Aaron, M.D.


Angela L. Hampton, D.P.M.
Robert Ocampo, D.P.M.
Milton W. Sterling II, D.P.M.

Sports Medicine

Matthew Sykes, D.O.

Four Convenient Locations

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SportsMED is proud to feature the start-of-the-art GE 450 W HD 1.5T  MRI imaging system in Huntsville and the GE Voyager 1.5T in our Madion location, proving to be a leader in modern medical technology in the North Alabama region. 


The GE 450 W 1.5T and 1.5T Voyager are two of the highest quality imaging machines in healthcare. These new MRI systems provide uncompromised, high quality imaging, reduced diagnostic time, and advanced functionality to make definitive diagnoses. In addition, they provide a wider bore diameter, acoustic reduction technology, and comfort-enhancing features all designed to help address common causes of patient anxiety.  The combination of cutting-edge technology and patient-embracing design features allows SportsMED to remain a leader in diagnostics.





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Physical therapy is an intricate component of recovery for all orthopedic injuries. With our unique combination of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, SportsMED is equipped to provide you collaborative, convenient, and conserative treatment plans all within one practice. Count on us to maximize your recovery and overall health.



SportsMED's Physical therapy program includes


-              Licensed physical therapists

-              Expertly trained physical therapy assistants

-              Modern equipment

-              Collaborative treatment plans

-              Constant communication between patient, physician, and physical therapist



Physical Therapy Team



Thomas Koukos, Clinic Director

Natalie Roper, PT, DPT, Cert, DN

Meagan Smallwood, LPTA

Megan Pockrus, MSPT

Nicole Jackson, LPTA

Lee Warlick MSPT, Cert. DN

Nathan Crawford, LPTA 

Erin Solokowski, PT, DPT

Chasity Bates, LPTA

Joshua Whitt, LPTA

Mallory O'Neal, PT, DPT, CSCS, Certified DN

Lisa Haygood, LPTA

Jessica Tillman, PT, DPT


Joanna Martin, Clinic Director DPT 

Sara Lang, DP 

Cathy Meyers, RPT

Amberley McCreary, LPTA

Jonathan Hillman, LPTA

Diego Covarrubias, LPTA









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Occupational Therapy

The SportsMED Occupational Therapy Center is located on the main floor of the Huntsville clinic and across the hall from our physician’s office in the Madison clinic.

Occupational therapy plays a vital role in the recovery and rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal injuries or conditions where proper movement of the upper extremities has been affected.

SportsMED’s Occupational Therapists specialize in returning patients to their daily activities by addressing pain or mobility impairments. Our licensed Occupational Therapists use cutting edge modalities and manual therapy techniques to customize treatment programs for each patient.


Occupational Therapy Center Hours:


Monday - Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm



Monday - Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm




Occupational Therapy Team


Dani Arnette OTR/L

Pippa Summerhill COTA


Jordyn Wagner OTR/L



New Virtual Health and Fitness Programs

Experience the Power of Complete Care

Our mission is to improve your quality of life by providing convenient, affordable, and comprehensive health and fitness services. 

  Convenient- Open 24/7 


  Affordable - Range of membership options and discounts


  Comprehensive - Variety of professional health and fitness
  services and amenities


Become a Member


SportsMED Health and Fitness Center offers multiple membership deals and special pricing opportunities!


Single Membership

Couple Membership

Family Membership


Group Class Membership

Corporate Membership



Special pricing discounts for:



SportsMED Patients

SportsMED Physical Therapy Patients



Group Fitness Classes

We offer ALL the resources and individualized support you need to easily achieve your health goals.

We offer engaging classes in all areas of fitness including cardio, flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance!

Clubbin Cardio
Weight Worx
Barre Extreme

Cardio sculpt
Step Sculpt

Cross Training




Meet Our Trainers

The SportsMED Fitness Center is proud to offer members the option of working with one of our Personal Trainers.

Perry Wright

ISSA Certified Specialist in Strength and Conditioning


Brandon Horton

Director of Fitness / Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Online Personal Trainer

B.A Sports Science

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach




Sessions & Pricing

Full sessions

Half sessions

8 session packages

12 session packages

Strength and conditioning training for athletes





Facility amenities


  • 24/7 Facility Access
  • Cybex and Precor cardio equipment with individually attached flat screens
  • Cybex Eagle strength training equipment
  • GPI dumbbells and free weights
  • Showers
  • Flat screen TV’s
  • Vending
  • Pro Shop
  • Free Childcare (Monday-Thursday 8:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-7:00pm, Friday 8:00am- 12:00pm)
  • Security patrolled covered parking
  • Free locker rental


Visit SportsMED’s convenient, on-site brace shop! Enjoy custom-fit bracing as well as preventative and post-op bracing. The brace shop is proud to be in-network with most major insurance providers.

Our expertly trained brace shop technicians ensure all bracing devices are comfortable and facilitate improved movement for patients following injuries or surgery.





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Brace Shop Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Phone Number: 256.564.0162






Early diagnosis and treatment of industrial injuries and illnesses are critical to returning a worker to their job as soon as possible. At SportsMED, we strive to reduce both medical costs and time away from work, all while providing excellent medical care to the injured worker. We control costs by taking a conservative approach when evaluating the need for ancillary services and testing procedures.

Our Workers’ Compensation Team

Nikki Thomas | Phone: 256-881-5151| Fax: 256-539-1225

Our Workers’ Compensation team coordinates with the patient, referring physician, employer, case manager, and insurance adjuster to ensure timely appointments and return-to-work status. We place communication as a top priority for successful outcomes. To improve patient care for our injured workers, SportsMED has included the following services in our Huntsville clinic.


Online Appointment Request

Case managers and employers can request an appointment via our website. A Workers’ Compensation team member will contact you to finalize the appointment.


We will conduct a pre-certification for all appointments. SportsMED accepts MRI appointments before clinic begins, as well as Saturday appointments for your convenience.

Physical Therapy

SportsMED will conduct a pre-certification for all appointments. In addition to routine physical therapy, our professionals offer functional capacity evaluations and decompression therapy. Please call our physical therapy department at 256-319-8500 with any questions.



SportsMED understands the value of work-related injury prevention and is therefore proud to offer education to our patients regarding proper body mechanics, ergonomic positioning, and post-injury rehabilitation.

In order to verify in advance that the treatment for your on-the-job injury is covered, patients should provide SportsMED with the employer’s name and address. Should the employer deny the claim, the worker becomes personally responsible for the payment.

Our Locations

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