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Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder has a wider range of movement than any other joint in the body. This flexibility makes the shoulder more susceptible to injury and instability. Repetitive movements, sudden injury, and age are factors contributing to shoulder pain. Common shoulder problems include bursitis or tendinitis, impingement, full and partial rotator cuff tears, fractures, and instability. Nonsurgical treatments for pain relief include: active rest, ice, heat, medications, and injections. If pain does not improve with these treatments shoulder surgery may be suggested.

Arthroscopic Acromioplasty

The top of the shoulder joint is called the acromion. The acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint, is where the acromion meets the collarbone.  If the subacromial space is narrowed, the rotator cuff may become pinched and (more)

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Shoulder arthroscopic surgery and open surgery are two different types of procedures performed by the shoulder surgeons at SportsMED. Rotator Cuff surgery is done with a thin instrument inserted through a small incision.  (more)

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder pain is often caused by arthritis.  Severe shoulder arthritis can cause pain doing daily activities or a limited range of motion in the shoulder. When physical therapy and medications have failed (more)

Shoulder Surgery Specialists:

H Cobb Alexander, M.D.
Kendall Black, M.D.
Dale Culpepper, M.D.
Brett Franklin, M.D.
Eric W. Janssen, M.D.
Troy A. Layton, M.D.
Jack W. Moore, M.D.
Randall Tindell, M.D.


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