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Conditions & Injuries of the Hand and Upper Extremities

Pain and/or injuries to the hand and upper extremities are a common complaint in modern life. These problems can interfere with everyday activities, including work and play. Many people have pain and numbness of the hand that occurs at night or with certain activities. This can be a sign of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a compression of the Median nerve at the wrist. This can frequently be treated with simple splints, modification of activity and occasionally with anti-inflammatory medicines. Occasionally outpatient surgery may be required for relief of symptoms.

Tendinitis can also cause upper extremity pain, especially around the base of the thumb or the elbow. These types of conditions can respond to non-surgical treatment such as splinting, medication, and exercises. Surgery is sometimes necessary if these complaints continue.

Triggering or "snapping" of a finger is a common problem in the hand. "Trigger Finger" can occur in any digit and can happen in children as well as adults. This is usually worse in the morning or with increased activity. An injection or surgery may be required to solve this problem. Fortunately, many of these problems can be solved with the aid of a hand surgeon.

Arthritis is another common problem with the hand. This can cause pain and stiffness, especially in the ends of the fingers, base of the thumb, and the wrist. Treatments vary and may include medications, therapy, and occasionally surgery.

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