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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery is an option for patients with severe arthritis that have tried other options, such as prescription anti-inflammatories and physical therapy, but the pain persists and interferes with normal daily activity.  A knee replacement removes the worn portions of the knee and replaces them with a plastic and metal implant.  There are two types of knee replacements, a partial knee replacement and a full knee replacement.  Your physician will discuss which type of replacement best suites your needs.  A short hospital stay is required for knee replacement surgery followed by physical therapy to help regain strength and motion in the knee.  A successful outcome is highly dependent on the patient’s dedication to physical therapy and how well they follow their orthopaedic surgeon’s instructions following the first few weeks after surgery.  Recovery from a knee replacement will take some time.  A patient is usually in physical therapy from 8-12 weeks.  Below are a few tips patients can use to help prepare their home following their discharge from the hospital:

  • If you live alone, plan for someone to stay with you for the first few days.
  • Prepare your rooms by placing items at arms’ length on the counters to avoid straining or bending.
  • Remove rugs and secure power cords which could cause you to slip.
  • Consider setting up an area where you will spend most of your recovery.  Have everything you will need (medications, tv remote, lamp, pillow, etc.) close by and within arms’ reach.

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