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Podiatry - Foot Pain

Your feet shouldn’t hurt. When painful feet prevent you from wearing shoes or walking normally, there is a reason. More importantly, there is treatment. The first step is to determine the cause of your discomfort. Many medical problems, such as poor circulation, may first appear in your feet. Your feet are good indicators of your overall health.

An appropriate foot exam should determine proper circulation, checking the foot’s pulse. It should also include examination of foot color, temperature and flexibility. The foot should be examined for sensation problems such as numbness or pain, as well as overall strength of the foot muscles and foot shape.

Medical tests may include x-rays to determine bone deformities, spurs, or stress fractures. Other diagnostic procedures such as an MRI or CT can help identify soft tissue damage. Doppler tests are useful in measuring blood flow to your foot. Blood tests can be used to detect medical conditions such as infection, diabetes, arthritis, or anemia, that may be contributing to your foot problems.

Podiatrists are the first line of defense in foot care. And the unique combination of podiatry within an orthopaedic surgical practice allows early intervention in foot and ankle care in an advanced medical setting.

This combination of foot care specialists-podiatrists and orthopaedic surgical physicians-is available only at SportsMed. It means that individuals with foot and ankle problems can be assured they are getting the very best care possible. If their condition warrants the attention of an orthopaedic specialist-one is immediately on-hand. There is no second guessing about what is best for the patient. If their condition warrants the attention of an orthopaedic specialist, one is available for consultation.

  • Foot Pain
  • Misshapened Foot
  • Stiffness
  • Discoloration
  • Inflammation

SportsMed is North Alabama’s only medical/surgical practice to include podiatry care. It is a high quality, conservative, preventive foot care plan unduplicated in the region.

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