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Podiatry - Foot Treatment

Once your doctor has determined the cause of your foot problems, there are various non-surgical treatments available. A responsible foot care expert knows that for many patients simple measures such as ice, heat, elevation, shoe pads, inserts, or even different shoes may relieve the problem. These methods should be considered first. If complaints persist, mechanically changing the foot's alignment, adding support, or using medication to reduce swelling may relieve the problem.
Beyond those options, a podiatric or orthopaedic specialist still has many avenues outside of surgery to help offer you relief. Orthotics, including custom made shoes or shoe inserts are a possibility. Trimming corns or calluses can relieve pain by relieving pressure-but don't do it yourself and risk infection or further damage.

Physical therapy can relieve pain and promote healing. This can include ultrasound, whirlpool, heat, or massage. Casting or splinting can immobilize the affected area so that sprains or stress fractures can heal.

Sometimes conditions warrant a more aggressive treatment plan that may include surgery. This might be necessary to increase mobility, repair significant damage or deformity, or prevent further deterioration.

Podiatrists are the first line of defense in foot care. And the unique combination of podiatry within an orthopaedic surgical practice allows early intervention in foot and ankle care in an advanced medical setting.

Treatment Options:
  • Orthotics
  • Medications
  • Physical Therapy
  • Casting or Splinting
  • Surgery

This combination of foot care specialists-podiatrists and orthopaedic surgical physicians-is available only at SportsMed. It means that individuals with foot and ankle problems can be assured they are getting the very best care possible. If their condition warrants the attention of an orthopaedic specialist-one is available for consultation. This is a high quality, conservative foot care plan unduplicated in the region.

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