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Procedure Videos by Dr. Eric Janssen

Dr. Janssen has provided the following videos for patient education purposes.

If you have any questions after viewing the videos, please consult your physician.



Patient's Guide to Arthroscopic Knee Surgery:

Patient's Guide to Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Patient's Guide to ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL Double Bundle Reconstruction

Shoulder Exam for Rotator Cuff Injury -
Before & After Reverse Total Shoulder Surgery

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Ttl. Knee Replacement Demonstration w/Dry Bones

Total Knee Replacement -
Maximizing Your Results

Arthroscopic Knee Surger -
Meniscectomy vs. Meniscus Repair

ACL Exam - Lachman's Test, Pivot Shift & Drawer Test

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Labral Repair w/Reconstruction



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